Australian Patent: 2014201015 | US Patent: 9662 929 B2

Welcome to the SLICA® way of painting

No more messy paint tins

No more messy paint tins

No more messy paint tins

No more messy paint tins

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What is SLICA®?

SLICA® is every painter’s new best friend. Just remove the tin’s lid and firmly seat SLICA® on top of the tin before you start painting…it’s that simple.

SLICA® allows you to access liquids directly from the tin, by a brush, or poured without spillage. Using the built-in pouring section and paint scraper, you can continually access liquid and simply scrape the liquid from the brush back into the tin without fear of ending up with a messy tin that won’t seal properly after use.

No more worrying about the contents spoiling and drying out.

SLICA® suits most 1 and 4 litre Australian made tins and some 32 oz tins and is the perfect solution to your painting needs.


SLICA® stops:
•    Paint filled tin channels, resulting in the inability to seal lid correctly;
•    Paint covered unreadable labels; and
•    Wastage of tin contents.

SLICA® is proudly Australian owned and manufactured. Using the highest quality materials has resulted in a product that is durable and resistant to solvents, oils, paints and other liquids.
SLICA® is easy to clean and designed to be fitted and removed without fuss

Directions of Use

Slica® is a plastic accessory for use on paint, varnish and oil tins.

It is not a toy and should not be used for any other purpose than that specified.

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