Australian Patent: 2014201015 | US Patent: 9662 929 B2


Our dad, Len Smith is a self-professed “Mr Fix-it”. If there is a better, cleaner and more effective way to DIY, he will find it. Slica® is one of dad’s products created from this approach of creating simple solutions that achieve great results.

After years of fine-tuning and the completion and testing of numerous prototypes, as a family we all agreed Slica® was far too good to keep to himself.  Taking the plunge was a big step but Slica® proved itself very quickly by making it to the finals of the 2015 Australian Innovation Awards and thanks to dad’s perseverance has found quite the niche market within the Chalk Paint community.

Dad has decided to hand over the reins and we are delighted to continue on where he left off.

Dogsbody Creations Pty Ltd is now proud to take Slica® under it’s wing and will be working closely with our exclusive distributor Daisy Layne to extend Slica’s market within Austalia and internationally.

Welcome to the Slica® way of painting.

Di and Kathryn


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